These guys came with the website


The OMV App does not feature any of the men above. We don’t know who they are, and we highly doubt they’re vloggers. Except maybe the fifth guy. Probably not, but if he is, we’ll totally watch his vlog.


Types of Videos on Oh My Vlog!

YouTube is filled with vloggers and gamers from all styles of video, but if you’re a kid or a parent looking to find the best kid vloggers without having to sift through all that clutter, or you want kid safe videos without any inappropriate content, or you just love to watch the most clever, most exciting, funniest kids video creators on the web, then Oh My Vlog is the kids app for you! Here’s a sampling of the kinds of videos on OMV!


YouTube challenges and tags are popular games and are often fun collaborations between two channels. OMV has tags like the Bean Boozled challenge, foreign candy challenge, mystery wheel of slime, Instagram controls my life, and more.


Looking for a new recipe? What about a fun piece of DIY jewelry? OMV has tons of tutorials for anything from fluffy slime to chocolate chip cookies. Find out what ingredients make the best borax free safe slime, and how to make edible slime that actually tastes good!

Video Games

Whether you love Minecraft, Roblox, or Five Nights at Freddie’s, we’ve got videos for you! Everything from game walkthroughs and world building to lessons on how to build your own skin in Minecraft and unboxings of special edition Minecraft LEGOs.


Ready to check out the latest toys for the holiday season? We’ve got videos featuring brands like Hatchimals, LOL Surprise, LEGO, My Little Pony, and more. Watch kids play with the latest edition of Pie Face by Hasbro, or reveal what’s in a Disney Tsum Tsum mystery pack.